United States Training Ship Monongahela

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U.S.T.S. Monongahela
off for Europe, June 23, 1891
Officers U.S.T.S. Monongahela
Apprentice Boys
on the U.S.T.S Monongahela
Airing bedding and preparing clothing for inspection "Left face cut"
exercise at broad-swords on board U.S.T.S. Monongahela
Fourth Division at small arms drill on U.S.T.S. Monongahela
"Call away first cutter"
Bugler at main fife rail on board
U.S.T.S. Monongahela
Morse Code of Signalling
Signal boys under instruction on
U.S.T.S. Monongahela
On U.S.T.S. Monongahela
Squaring yards - Manning Dingey
Gun Drill
on U.S.T.S. Monongahela
"Aim" - 6 pounder rapid fire Hotchkiss
Gun Drill
on U.S.T.S. Monongahela
"Aim" - The 37 Milimetre Hotchkiss
Drill on U.S.T.S. Monongahela
"Sway" sending down yards
Drill on U.S.T.S. Monongahela
Sending down Top Gallant Masts
At Drill on U.S.T.S. Monongahela
Furling Topsail and Mainsail
Scenes on U.S.T.S. Sabine, 1865
Reproduced from
Harpers Weekly by Permission
Copyright 1865, by Harper & Brothers
U.S.T.S. Jamestown U.S.T.S. Portsmouth
U.S.T.S. Richmond U.S.T.S. New Hampshire Squadron of Evolution
Chicago Newark Boston
Yorktown Atlanta Concord
U.S.S. Chicago U.S.S. Newark U.S.S. Yorktown
U.S. Dynamite Cruiser Vesuvius
on speed trial
  U.S.S. Atlanta - U.S.S. Petral
U.S.S. Boston

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